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Boise Wall Renovation

As part of the ongoing maintenance of the common areas, the Board identified several issues with the retaining wall on Boise Road. The issues ranged from damage caused by a truck with a hitch backing into the wall, cars or trucks hitting the wall, and the top cap of the wall falling apart. A contractor was hired to repair the areas with the most damage.

Wall damage from a car or truck

Wall damage from a truck hitch







As the contractors started removing the brick, they discovered that the wall had been built using no ties to anchor the bricks to the wall. Basically the wall was totally freestanding and could have fallen at any point in time. In fact, the removal of the wall was as simple as putting a bar down between the brick and the concrete — everything just fell down!

The wall just comes down with a gentle nudge.

No ties anchoring the brick to the concrete.







The Board will meet soon to determine how soon the rest of the wall can be replaced. Please be cautious in this area until all the work is completed.



  1. I have heard many times that the brick wall is a facade. Why is it not possible for the neighborhood to come up with a beautiful, creative and inexpensive solution to this problem other than dated masonry? It appears that the “appearance” of this community is more important the the safety and security of its residents.

    I am extremely frustrated every quarter paying association dues to an association that has not gotten much accomplished other than visual aids. It seems as if the dues that are paid are a personal piggy bank for few rather than truly serving the needs of the masses.

    This neighborhood needs so many more important things than a light at the entrance or the retaining wall facade. Do better.

    • Thanks for your comment. I am wondering what kind of things do you think need to be done around the neighborhood. The Board struggles with trying to prioritize the work that needs to be done and trying to improve the appearance of the neighborhood in order to help our property values improve.

      The Boise Wall as it is currently is a safety hazard since the brick facade is not tied into the concrete wall behind it. The Board of Directors did discuss options other than the brick but they felt that the brick was the best alternative and kept the look and feel of our colonial-style neighborhood.

      The Board is looking for members for the next fiscal year (Oct 2017 – Sept 2018). Perhaps you could consider becoming a Board Member and making your voice heard.

      • NEW BOARD – should be NEW BUDGET! I went to the meeting tonight. It had been determined by the previous Board to continue with the additional $67K in 2018 to put a FACADE on the Boise wall – after spending $24K this year to determine is was a problem with the facade. The Boise Wall is no longer a safety hazard since the brick facade has been easily removed. WE cannot believe the Board approved ~$67K; many other places these funds could make a large safety difference.
        Looks like the “appearance” of the community will continue to be more important than the safety of the residents; examples: bus-stop, flowers, light on the PRHOA sign (large street light previously and still over sign) is work that has been completed; work slated for 2018: Boise wall FACADE, benches at bus-stop, more flowers, additional picnic tables.

        I see my previous post regarding the Boise wall has not been posted. I suggested letting the wall fall and WSSC would have to fix it so the work vehicles could get to the plant. This was before I realized the repairs have nothing to do with the retaining wall. Of course WSSC will not make repairs to beautify our neighborhood.

        • I keep hearing people say that safety is more important than appearance. Here are the safety-related items that the Board fixed over the past year: repair of the failing asphalt on the sidewalk leading to the basketball court; repair of the sinking sidewalk on Boise Road; repair of several handrails throughout the community; repair of the section of the Boise Wall that was falling down (contrary to the statements made by a certain Board member at last night’s meeting); removal of dead trees throughout the neighborhood; enhanced lighting in the front of the neighborhood to deter vandals; addition of safe playground mulch.

          Yes, some items were done to enhance the appearance of the neighborhood. These enhancements were made as part of the comments received at the strategic planning session in 2014. There are many studies on the correlation of property values and the appearance of the neighborhood, including common areas. We cannot just ignore the appearance of the community.

  2. The BOISE wall has cost the PRHOA too much already!
    Two years ago the architecture person stated this was a problem for WSSC to fix — it is their over-sized trucks that are causing the issue of the wall crumbling. As an Association with no money — let the wall fall and the road will foloow; WSSC will have to provide a service road for their employees.

    • Please note that the Boise Wall is Pheasant Run property according to the survey we had done last month. We cannot allow it to fail or it will affect access into Boise Road.

  3. the sidewalk if front of the townhouses (9907 & 9905) have been damaged for about 4 years now. ( since the big snow storm ) the blacktop is also sinking again in spots when will these areas be repaired ??

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